Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We are a new up and coming baking company that specializes in gluten free products. We are starting this blog so that our customers can gain a better insight on the faces
 behind the company, what it is we do and things to look forward to in the future. Let me start by introducing myself, My name is Tiffany and I'm one of the co-owners of SG Desserts and I will be the main blogger on here but occasionally Barbara and Jose will come and share their thoughts and stories as well. We hope that you find our blog fun, informative and full of mouth-watering deliciousness !!! We would love for everyone to give us there feedback  and/or suggestions on our products they enjoyed and even some new ones they would like to see added to our menu. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be giving updates on what's new and what's coming but please feel free to come and check us out any time ! And remember...Everything at SG Desserts is ALWAYS MADE WITH ALOHA !!!