Monday, October 3, 2016

Moving Forward in the Holiday Season

 Homemade Goodness at your Fingertips! 
"Double Trouble" Chocolate Cupcake Mix and Frosting Kit
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   As we move forward this fall and into the holidays, we've  become wiser to the ins and outs of running a small business and to the challenges that comes when working closely with family.  But we continue to push onward toward our goal to becoming a successful gluten free baked goods company and providing you with our delicious desserts.

  Over the summer, we redesigned our website and added new products to our line.
Because we're a small business, we had to come up with some pretty inventive ways to do our research and development.  So we  recruited our friends, family and neighbors  across the nation to taste and critique each potential product. They loved helping us and didn't mind being our test subjects because they loved our goodies and became impatient  to test  more  of our delicious desserts.  Maybe some of you saw them on Instagram and Facebook.

  For all you local folks out here in Hawaii that haven't tasted our scrumptious fare, then you're going to want to try what your neighbors are enjoying.  And you can be assured that all Sistah Girl Dessert are made fresh from scratch and always made to order.   Please check out our menu and order your mixes today. The holidays are upon us and we look forward to sharing the season with you.

  But if you love to bake, live far away, and want to experience our wonderful desserts, for you, we've created our "Double Trouble" Chocolate Cupcake mix that's to die for, and you're going to be blown away by our melt in your mouth "Rockin" Raspberry Brownies. So order your kit today and experience what our friends and family out here on the islands are eating and enjoying. You'll be happy you did.

  As always, our desserts are made with only the best organic and natural ingredients available. And even though we use no gluten, we will never sacrifice good taste and what tastes good.  So be prepared to be amazed by what I consider the best gluten free desserts available on the market today.

  Also, please peruse our website, read our story and checked out our great dessert menu.   


Sweet eats,
Barbara Blanco
Co Founder/CEO/Baker