Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What the Munchies Creates

Strawberry and Blueberry Crepe with Creme Cheese Filling
So I had what some might call the munchies. I had eaten dinner and as always, whether it's ice cream or cake, I have to have dessert. That's how I grew up. 
 So I decide since I have a cream cheese filling already made (from last week) and fresh berries, I'm going to make crepes. I go to grab the butter, no butter, so I think no problem, I'll use coconut oil. So I get out my blender, crack the eggs; add the milk, oil, salt and water. I then get the flour tin and no flour, WTF! We are never out of flour!  I am always well stocked, ready to use at a moment's notice.

So now I'm panicking because it's late, I have no cash, (I'm on a shoestring budget this week) and I've already started the process. What to do???? I'm panicking and I'm hoping that I can find something that can be used as flour.  So I start opening the cabinets, cursing, trying to see what substitute I could use and then I spot my savior… old fashioned oats.  

 So I get out my blender, grind those babies into flour; add it to my half prepared mix. I whip the mix till it's light and fluffy; pour that sucker on a hot skillet and hallelujah!  I've got me some crepes. They turned out to be delicious.

Pictured is my most wonderful Berry filled Crepes. Mmmmmmm…….
So my advice to those lovers of cooking... let your inner cook guide your skills to your most creative culinary delights.

As always with love,
The SGD Squad

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